About RFortran

RFortran is an open source project with the following aim:

To provide an easy to use Fortran software library that enables Fortran programs to transfer data and commands to and from R.


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Since R is an open source and ever-growing repository of routines for statistical, numerical and graphical analysis, RFortran provides numerous benefits to users, including: 

  • Graphical functions: Produce high quality graphs from Fortran, automate reporting and expedite analysis of large datasets,
  • Numerical and statistical algorithms: R packages can be used to quickly extend the functionality of Fortran programs.

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To reference RFortran please cite:

Thyer, M., Leonard, M., Kavetski, D., Need, S., Renard, B. (2010) The open source RFortran library for accessing R from Fortran, with applications in environmental modelling, Enivronmental Modelling and Software, accepted for publication 21/5/2010